About Our Teams


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Department Leads

James Zajkowski, Dayne Farris, Lauren Strauss, Morgan Dickman, and Eric Czapla

The team leaders of each respectable development team. From left to right this picture showcases the Narrative Lead, the Programming Lead, the Art Lead, the Marketing Lead, and the Level Design Lead.

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Dr. Nick Hwang and Dr. Rhea Vichot

The professors of MAGD 488. They ran the class, gave feedback to students, helped organize the team's ideas, helped set deadlines, and ensured that the project was moving along at a steady pace.

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Art Team

Back Row: Isaac Behling, Eric Czapla, Elguer Cabrera, and Jak Wanek
Front Row: Kathryn Graham, Skylar Boyle, Lauren Strauss, and Julian Bundy
Not pictured: Joseph Cooper, Nasib Perkins, and Ethan Zink

This team was responsible for creating the visuals for the game. Whether it be the 3D environment that the player traverses or the 2D drawings that depict the main character of the game, Frank, this team utilized their artistic ability to create a truly unique art style.

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Programming Team

Back Row: Lucas Ackman, Cory Fritsch, Louie Marcou, and Joe St. Louis
Front Row: Dayne Farris, Aria Vanevenhoven, Ian Behling, and James Zajkowski
Not pictured: Phoenix Grasser

This team was behind the coding for the game. Every mechanic and arm ability was implemented by this team. Through troubleshooting and numerous nights of coding and fixing bugs, this team ensured that the game is as functional as possible.

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Marketing Team

Benjamin Sturycz, Josiah Lyden, Cameron Mumbower, and Morgan Dickman

This team was in charge of spreading publicity for Blacksite Theta. Each social media post and trailer was hand-crafted by this team. They also were in charge of creating this website. (We hope you enjoy the website)

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Audio Team

Dillon Briggs and Chase Brueggemann

The Audio Team was in charge of each sound found in the game. From the overall ambience to the different sound effects that occur when playing through the game, these two made sure that every sound was as audibly-pleasing as possible.