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Dark Arts are not a Science

Since time immemorial, shadowy cabals and self-proclaimed sorcerers have gathered in darkened corners to practice what they claim to be supernatural. Most are complete hogwash, but the hidden few practices that could remove the shadow of doubt were compiled in Blacksite Theta before being scrubbed from the annals of history. Few aside from a handful of US top brass knew of the blacksite's existence, but even those enlightened few would soon like to forget what happened after the project's own research turned against it in 1996, leaving the underground complex nothing but a ruinous sealed coffin for every staffer - or human subject - trapped inside. What they didn't know, was that one man found a way out of that coffin.

Officially, This Ruin Does Not Exist

It did not take long for the disaster at Blacksite Theta to leave the facility a demolished husk devoid of human life. Only one man was able to escape its wrath relatively unharmed - Frank Sorenson, a human test subject sequestered away in a secluded sub-level confinement. While most other people in his situation would have been doomed from the start, the ritualistic experiments performed on Frank give him an ace in the hole: he has an extraplanar connection to a being naming himself the Nephilim, who has a vested interest in making sure Frank escapes the facility to do his bidding.

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Newton's Nightmare

The original transformation performed on Frank, and by far the most reality-bending. With these, he is granted the power to lift objects with the wave of a palm, or pull himself towards certain surfaces regardless of distance.

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Hyperbolic Steroid

Researcher's efforts to combine extraplanar energy and organic chemistry led to an effective method of rapid strengthening in Frank. This gives him the ability to smash many things in his path, or launch himself over many obstacles that he can't.

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Transmuted Superconductor

If the right conditions in Frank's rituallistically-modified arms are met, he has some control over electrical forces. This allows him to launch an electrically charged orb from his fingertips, or propel himself a short distance forward.